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Meet The Staff

  • David

    Coastal Chiropracticand Rehabilitation team. Upon retiring from the USAF at Hurlburt FieldDavid decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. He graduated fromBeachside School of Massage and received his license from the State ofFlorida. He began his new career on the emerald coast beaches and improvedhis skills at events such as the Emerald Coast Beach Volleyball Tournamentsand the FWB Recreation Center community Bazar. David is furthering hiseducation with courses in massage for Sports Injuries and improve qualityof life for those with various medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia,Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis and Carpal tunnel from the American MassageTherapy Association.

  • Mandy

    Miranda Scholes, LMT (MANDY), a native to this area, and longtime patient of Dr. Brad Young's was inspired to pursue Massage Therapy after he and his staff helped with rehabilitation after a major auto accident in 2014. Mandy graduated  from Pensacola State Colege and received her license from the State of Florida. She is also a registered Chiropractic Assistant. She focuses mainly on medical massage and educating the patients on ways to stretch for tension relief. She hopes to spcialize in Lymphatic Drain Massage, assisting palliative care for Oncology patients. Mandy will be furthering her education this year by taking courses in Lymphatic Drain Massage, Dynamic Stretching, Mysofascial Release, and Ashiatsu.

  • Allie

    I'm from Woodland Park, a small mountain town in Colorado. My husband is stationed at Hurlburt Field and we have been in Florida for 3 years. I went to Source Institute massage therapy school and am looking to pursue a career in medical massage. I'm currently learning techniques in cupping andGua Sha (scraping) and I intend to continue to learn new modalities and techniques to help improve the quality of life for my patients.

  • Debbie Glenn

     Debbie Glenn has been with Dr. Young’s practice for over 12 years, but as his big sister, she’s been with him all his life! Being the mother of six sons, she is extremely organized and runs our office with great efficiency. She keeps our schedule running smoothly with an emphasis on accommodating our patient’s individual needs. Debbie’s is the friendly face who greets each patient with the warmth and concern they’ve come to expect from Coastal Chiropractic.