We are happy to announce that Dr. Young is a preferred provider and participates in the Veteran’s Choice Program!

What is the Veteran’s Choice Program:

In August 2014, President Obama signed into law the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014, which directed the establishment of a new program to better meet the health care needs of our Nation’s Veterans. The law directs the establishment of a Veterans Choice Program that provides a commitment on behalf of this Nation that needed health care services or treatment for Veterans will never again be unreasonably delayed because VA’s wait times are too long or if a VA medical facility is too far from a Veteran’s home or Veterans who have faced unacceptable waiting times for the medical care they need, or for whom a regular VA medical facility is inaccessible, the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) will make it possible for them to receive the care they need from a non-VA health care provider in their community.

How do I qualify?

Before using the VCP, you must verify your eligibility

Please visit www.va.gov/healthbenefits/apps/choice to check your eligibility.

You may also verify your eligibility by calling 1-866-606-8198.

Only Veterans enrolled for VA health care were mailed a Choice Card. Use of the Choice Card with the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) provides “back-up” care if a Veteran cannot be seen by VA in 30 days or if VA’s closest medical facility is challenging to access. In situations like this, Veterans are eligible to receive care outside VA.